Dining Out While Being Paleo

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Today’s post is a guest post from Kristen Silverman of It’s A Lifestyle.

Happy New Year! If you are not already addicted to healthy eating and Paleo recipes, let’s start the new year off showing how it is possible to eat out and still stay Paleo. A lot of people ask about eating at restaurants. Here is a prime example. (Keep in mind this was off their original menu, not made special for me.)

Let’s set the scene: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A quaint new spot on North 8th and Berry called Oregano. From outside looking through the glass windows, past the casual low key candlelight and charming decor, lies a distinctive design feature….a massive wood burning oven. Intrigued, I enter. The Italian smells that fill the room make my mouth instantly start to salivate. But what could I possibly eat here? I glance at the menu and am pleasantly surprised that there are several options for me! I immediately get seated in the picturesque window seat where I can eat and people watch. (Two big things for any New Yorker!)

My eyes are drawn to two of their specials on the board:

To start: a Zucchini stuffed appetizer and for my entree Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat over an arugula salad with cherry tomatoes. I’m in heaven.

My senses are in overload. While my nose soaks up the garlic aroma, my ears soak in the sounds of Frank Sinatra and his rat pack and my eyes are people watching. I await my meal. This must be a dream.

Yes, the place has an at home family feel to it and the decor contains an old-school coca-cola refrigerator, that they actually use for sodas and water, but it will be the food that will have me returning again.

The moment of truth arrives…. Delicioso!

The Stuffed Zucchini appetizer is not only unique, but amazing. It is stuffed with a meat, zucchini & mozzarella cheese mixture and topped off with a thin layer of pecorino cheese. It is then baked in the wood burning oven. You can also get it without the cheese, for those who do not consume dairy. Everything is made fresh here and nothing is premixed ahead of time. While I do not consume a lot of dairy myself, this was definitely one of those times I did. It was a minimal amount and really just used on top to seal everything inside and bake it. Amazing!

At this point, just with the appetizer, I would have left a happy camper…then the entree arrived and I was in utter bliss. Huge pieces of shrimp, sitting tails up, perfectly overstuffed with crab meat. To accompany them, an arugula and tomato side salad. Then the chef, drizzled the plate with a homemade balsamic reduction.

Moral of this story, go out to eat and do not worry about not being able to find things and stay Paleo. Some places are harder than others, and sometimes sauce needs to come on the side, and then there are places like this….where it’s perfect, as is.


**I was so excited I ate everything before taking a picture for the article! Chef Gianpiero was nice enough to do a mini recreation for me!**

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