12 Days of Paleo Christmas – Day 10 – Paleo Books

Now we’re into the double digits of the 12 Days of Paleo Christmas!  Time really does fly!  In case you’ve missed anything, here is what we covered so far:

12 Days of Paleo Christmas, Day 10:

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I know this is kind of taking the easy way out, but today’s gift is really going to be a bunch of gifts all rolled into one!

During 2012 there were a ton of great Paleo books released, ranging from informational books to cookbooks to everything in between!

Here are the four best Paleo books (in my opinion) that came out in 2012 and, if they’re not already part of your library, they should be ASAP:

So, if you get a Kindle this holiday season and are looking for books to load, definitely start with these four.  Heck, even if you have to do it the old-fashioned way and read an actual hard copy of the book (oh no!), you should grab copies of these books using one of the zillion holiday gift cards you’re bound to get!

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