What Moral Dilemma, If Any, Do You Feel About Eating Meat?

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meat moral dilemma, killing animals for food, is it moral to eat meat
Do you have a moral dilemma about eating meat?

While watching Food, Inc. and viewing several scenes involving animals in terrible living conditions, I started thinking about the potential moral dilemma of eating meat.

At the end of the day, in order for me to eat a steak, a perfectly nice cow has to be killed.  There’s really no sugarcoating it, and it’s not exactly an uplifting thought.

I consider myself an animal lover, so I personally feel a slight moral dilemma about eating meat – just not enough to stop eating meat.  I have many friends who are vegetarian or vegan because they go the other way on the issue.  Even if you don’t particular care for animals, at some point you’ve likely pondered the notion that something had to be killed in order for you to have meat as part of your meal.

So, to gauge how some other members of the Paleo community feel about this issue, I posted the following question on our Facebook page:

“Do any of you have a “moral dilemma” about eating meat? If so, how do you get past it?

As I sort of expected, the answers were pretty wide-ranging, and within a few minutes we were getting a lot of great responses, some of which are highlighted below.

Erin wrote: “Was vegan for almost 11 years up until recent.  I try to look past it and pretend.  I don’t think where it comes from and go on with my day and training…”

Eddie wrote: I don’t see anything immoral about something we’ve been doing for 2 million years.”

Mary wrote: “I do, but have gotten severely anemic and weak when going vegetarian for a year.  I feel so much better eating meat and make sure I buy from responsible farmers as much as I can! Fish most of the week curbs guilt too.”

Robyn wrote: “When I hear about the torturous practices big agriculture does, that definitely bums me out, so I look for the farms/companies that have the cleanest, most sustainable practices.  I know I don’t always end up eating meat that comes from the good farms due to cost, convenience, or eating out, but the more I get into the Paleo way of eating, the more I want to make sure every bit of food I consume is clean, including the process of raising and killing the animal.”

Melissa wrote: “I was a vegetarian for moral reasons, but that is when I began experiencing autoimmune issues.  Now I eat animals daily, but I only buy grass fed, pastured, humanely raised meat.  I have much more respect for animals today that I ever had as a vegetarian.  I am an animal lover, and I love the animals that I eat for providing me healing nourishment.”

Like I said, lots of great, wide-ranging answers, from “ignorance is bliss” to “I’ve changed my buying habits.”

So, what about you?  What are your thoughts on this issue?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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  1. Mario says

    I have such guilt about eating meat. I am an animal loving ,insect lover, tree hugging hypocrite . I’ve tried vegetarian , couldn’t do it. Tried eating a lot of fish but now who says fish aren’t sentient beings. Some times I feel terrible , an animal died so I can enjoy a 45 min meal . Yet I’ve come to the conclusion there is no other way until we can mass produce Laboratory-grown beef: meat without the murder, but then that will,open an entirely new can of worms.

    • Cath says

      Mario, I feel EXACTLY the same way. I love animals, I cry hearing about the way they’re treated at times and if I let myself think about their eyes (windows to the soul) or their fear going to be slaughtered but of everything I’ve read (and that’s a LOT) the Paleo way of eating makes the most sense and seems to give people the best health results. C’mon laboratory beef!!!!

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